Book 1: Beginnings

Political Attractions
James J. Blanchard on what attracted him to politics
Running for Office
James J. Blanchard shares how he first ran for office …
Getting involved in politics
James J. .Blanchard on getting involved in politics

Book 2: Public Service

Defining Moments in Public Service
First Campaign for U.S. Congress Governor Blanchard outlines his …
B2.1 Public Service Governor Blanchard shares his …

Book 3: U. S. Congress

Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil
U.S. Congress: Important Issues

Book 4: Governor

Book 4: Decision to Run for Governor
The Campaign for Governor
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Running for Governor
Recalls and Term Limits
Governor Blanchard: First Term in Office
Governor Blanchard: Second Term
Lt. Governor Martha Griffiths

Book 5: Ambassador

Book 5: I Choose Canada
Book 5: Bill Clinton

Book 6: Now

Young People
Michigan Icons